About Us

The Christian Circle of Business web design (The CCOB) was originated in June-2004 by CEO, Alexis Wilson, to help Non-Profit Business and Churches establish a web presence of excellence regardless of their size, statue, or financial status. Mr. Wilson has over 35 years of Technical expertise in Computer Information Systems and worked for 30 years for the DOD Federal Government, Logistic System Support Office (LSSO). He also has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg MO and also further his education to complete two master’s Degrees, one in Computer Information System and another in Business Management from Webster University.

Today, The CCOB continue to help Non-profit organizations establish a web presence but has also extended its services to serving many types of businesses at different stages in their web presence journey. Our website design portfolio includes several Federal agencies, City, Doctors, and a host other of professional businesses. We now have a team of SME , such as senior web designer, photographer, content developer/editor, social media specialist, and videographer. We specialize in WordPress web development, project management, and adviser to all clients and create beautiful, modern designs for businesses looking to establish a brand new site or give a fresh look to an existing site.